Going Caching 2023 Gadget Trail Guidelines

In partnership with The City of RomeGeorgia’s Rome Office of Tourism, T.R.E.D. and Berry College, the Going Caching Crew is excited to announce that we are establishing a Geocaching Gadget Trail along the Mt. Berry Trail and the Ooostanaula Levee Trail. We are inviting all Crew Members and a few other select geocachers (by invitation only) to help us populate this gadget trail with caches in time for Going Caching 2023. Along with our partnering entities, we have established the following guidelines for construction of the gadget caches:

  1. Gadget caches should be constructed so that they are mountable on 4X4 posts (posts will pre-postioned and set in concrete by the City of Rome).
  2. Maximum dimensions: 16″ tall by 12″ wide by 12″ deep. Try not to exceed any of these dimensions, although we can look at variances on a case-by-case basis.
  3. Gadget caches will be exposed to the elements year-round and must be weather resistant.
  4. Gadget caches must be constructed to withstand heavy usage during Going Caching 2023. We would like to avoid disabling a gadget cache or having to perform maintenance during the Mega-Event.
  5. There is no power available on the trails. If your gadget cache requires power, it would be best if geocachers are required to bring their own batteries. An internal power supply is acceptable provided it is long term and can be easily replaced.
  6. Gadget caches do not need to be Viking themed.
  7. Before beginning construction, submit a rough description of the dimensions, appearance, and functionality of the gadget cache to
    . Include any information that should appear on the cache page. The deadline for submitting your description is August 23rd.
  8. The deadline for having the gadget caches in Rome and ready for installation is September 9th. Builders can deliver or ship their gadget cache to arrive by the deadline.
  9. Upon delivery, the Going Caching Crew will provide $100 to builders for pre-approved gadget caches. Receipts are not necessary. Builders may choose to exceed the $100 reimbursement on their gadget cache at their own expense.
  10. The Going Caching Crew will determine placement of each gadget cache.
  11. The gadget cache and related cache page will be under the Going Caching Crew account. The gadget cache builder will be credited on the cache page with a link to their geocaching profile.

Submit description by Wednesday, August 23rd
Gadget Caches in Rome by Saturday, September 9th

Thank you for being a part of this exciting project. We look forward to seeing your masterpiece!