JULY 31st: Last date to order and submit your information


Cache-Cards are trading cards for geocachers. Order your own personalized Cache-Card to use as an inexpensive but noteworthy geocaching signature item to leave in geocaches or use as a trade item. Each card is professionally printed on high quality glossy card stock. You get to help design your own card. For just $58 you will receive 100 cache cards or get 200 cards for $68. Shipping is free! You should receive an emailed proof for your cards within a few days after you’ve ordered and submitted your photos and information. This year’s Cache-Cards are discoverable on! Your set of Cache-Cards will be printed with its own geocaching tracking number so that you can set your Cache-Cards to “Collectable” and they can be “discovered” much like an automobile travel bug decal. We’ll include instructions that will assist you in setting up your discoverable set of Cache-Cards. There’s a special 2024 Cache-Card TB Icon, too!

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