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Cache-Cards are trading cards for geocachers. Order your own personalized cache card to use as an inexpensive but noteworthy geocaching signature item to leave in geocaches or use as a trade item. Each card is professionally printed on high quality glossy card stock. You get to help design your own card.

For just $39 you will receive 100 cache cards, or get 200 cards for $47 (best deal). You should receive your cards within two weeks of ordering them. Shipping is free!

This year’s Cache-Cards are discoverable on! Your set of Cache-Cards will be printed with its own geocaching tracking number so that you can set your Cache-Cards to “Collectable” and they can be “discovered” much like an automobile travel bug decal. We’ll include printed instructions that will assist you in setting up your discoverable set of Cache-Cards.
There’s a special 2019 Cache-Card TB Icon, too!

But wait — That’s not all! Everyone who orders custom Cache-Cards will receive a special pathtag with each order. If you’ve already ordered Cache-Cards, you are on the list to receive this pathtag. These special pathtags will arrive right before Going Caching Week and can be picked up at any of the Going Caching 2019 events except Thursday evening’s Flash Mob event.


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